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Speha Fresia acts since 1983 at national level in the fields of lifelong learning, labour active policies, local sustainable development and social research. By integrating its professional competences with a wide network of public and private institutions, it has been committed in European projects since 1996. The organisation is linked to the regional/national cooperative movement and provides guidance/training/coaching paths on general management, start-ups supports and growth, human resources and organisational culture development, mainly addressed to cooperative companies, also through targeted projects able to foster cooperation between vocational training centres and SMEs. It is conformed to the Quality Management Standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, as regards: Guidance Counselling, Service for local development, Design of systemic measures in support of disadvantaged groups, Social research, Continuous vocational training, Lifelong learning. It is a certified body for guidance and training in the Regions of Latium and Sicily, and at local level organises continuous vocational training courses for workers funded by inter-professional funds. Most of these activities is connected to the SMEs associated to Legacoop, one of the biggest trade associations of cooperatives in Italy, in both regions. This constant relationship can assure the engagement in the project of local SMEs acting in different sectors. It is also certified at Latium region for the provision of “employment services” (DGR 198/2014), in the framework of the Youth Guarantee. Since 1996 Speha Fresia has exploited the European opportunities and the transnational cooperation in the function of “Research & Development”, with the aims at sharing knowledge, best practices, developing innovative methods and tools, in order to improve the quality of our local services provision. Speha Fresia partners are 15 (8 women and 7 men), 10 of them compose the company stable staff (7 women and 3 men), with 2 part-time employees (1 woman and 1 man) and can count on 70 accreditated professional The main governance organ is the Members’ Assembly committed in voting the composition of the company Board, composed by 5 members, and the president of the Board is the legal representative of the cooperative.

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