STEP 2 – Description of Previous Experience/Learning


When initial contact is made, the learner is usually instructed to provide and appropriate outline of their previous experience or any other relevant information in support of their application. An RPL Application Form may be used by the applicant to provide this information but these forms are not used by every education provider so is not compulsory. Depending on the education provider, this outline information could be supplied over the phone, by email, in writing or in person.


Preliminary actions:

  • The learner should prepare a short overview of their previous experience or learning in writing, as this will support them in completing an RPL application/communicating their previous experience to the education provider directly by phone, email or letter.

Documents/ forms:

  • If an RPL Application is required, this can be requested from the education provider directly.

Supporting materials and tools

  • For a copy of an RPL Application form, the learner should request this from the education provider they are applying to.

Referent links

The following websites are useful for learners seeking RPL: